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Functional medicine uses lifestyle and nutritional advice to strive for optimal psychological and physical well-being. We look at the person as a whole and search for the cause of the symptoms. 


This can be used preventively, for example to improve your energy level and reduce the chance of developing diseases or complaints. It can also be applied as a supplement to classical therapies and therefore belongs to complementary health care. It is suitable for everyone (children as well as adults) who wants to be aware of their diet and body. 


After a comprehensive analysis of your complaints, I will give you advice and, if necessary, additional specific tests can be carried out.


So if you are looking for a more comprehensive approach to your complaints or if you want to optimise your health, you can come to me. 


What to expect:

- Lifestyle advice (nutrition, stress, sleep, exercise, mindset)

- Blood analysis concerning nutrition, vitamins/minerals, ...

- Supplementation of possible shortages through supplements


This can be done by appointment at the practice in Santa Eulalia or during a home visit.

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