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Doctor Andreas Goddeeris
General practitioner - Sports physician - Functional Medicine

I graduated in 2006 as a general practitioner in Belgium. In addition, I took courses in acute medicine and sports medicine. I worked full time in an emergency department for 10 years. After that, I took the orthomolecular medicine course. Afterwards, I combined my work in the emergency department with my activity in a multidisciplinary group practice as sports doctor and orthomolecular physician for 5 years.


Since 2022 I have been working as a doctor in Ibiza. Besides the regular family medicine you can come to me for blood tests, sport specific complaints, ozone therapy, infiltrations (neural therapy, hyaluronic acid) and an orthomolecular approach of your complaints.  This in Dutch, French and English. I also have a basic knowledge of Spanish and German. 


Besides my passion for medicine and especially for 'health', I can often be found on my bike or in my running shoes. I am a proud daddy of the 2 most beautiful daughters & together with the sweetest wife (she says so herself ;-)). 

Once I read this: 'If you don't make time to live healthy now, you will have to make time to be sick later. And I completely agree with that. For me, a general healthy lifestyle is especially important: it is better to be aware of your lifestyle and prevent illness than to have to deal with complaints afterwards.

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