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"As an amateur triathlete in Belgium, Andreas was my sports doctor. I have always felt very comfortable with his 'down to earth' approach. Starting from a thorough diagnosis, he always discussed with me how to tackle an injury. His expertise and approach as a doctor has been crucial to the fact that now, at the age of 52, I still practice sport on a daily basis."


Christophe Scheire

"Dr. Goddeeris was my GP in Belgium for many years and I was sad to see him leave for Ibiza. Andreas is not a traditional doctor who quickly prescribes a pill, but he looks at the body in a holistic way. I had some chronic deficiencies and an imbalance in my body. This was restored through orthomolecular consultations and the right nutritional supplements. Andreas really takes the time for a consultation and can explain medical questions in simple terms. I would recommend him to anyone."

Annick Cuvelier

"I had been looking for years for a doctor who would approach me in a holistic way and I found this with Dr Goddeeris. In recent years, together we have searched for causes and solutions for a variety of complaints I had. Without empty promises but with a sense of reality, I regained control of my own health. Meanwhile, I know myself a lot better, can adjust where necessary and take better care of myself. I think that is the best gift I received from him."


Marleen Easton

"Both my daughter and myself have already made tremendous progress in our health thanks to the knowledge and guidance of Dr Goddeeris. Where in the past we were treated purely symptomatically with limited effect in the short term, we now notice a long-term improvement due to his approach to the core of our discomforts."

Anouk Callens

I approached Andreas to help me recover from a burn out. Andreas’ holistic and personal approach, combining traditional medicine with orthomolecular insights, has proved to be the perfect treatment to get me back on my feet.

Geert Brisart

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